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01.Pure Infinity Conscious ( Green )
02.Bio Harmonic ( Life Force Energy )
03.Golden Temple Of Joy
04.Light Body Activator
05.Quantum Expander
06.Tempest Crystal Sun
07.Violet Ray

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The New Quantum Plasma Crystal Light Diode Vortex Technology Pendants
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Wise & Tender Compassion

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 Wise & Tender Compassion
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Wise & Tender Compassion


The Wisdom that this resonator helps connect you to, comes from an ancient yet futuristic level of reality. In fact it comes from a state of being that is beyond time and space! ~This Resonator Connects with level of Deep Creator Wisdom that is embedded within each molecule in existence, and the tender compassion that supercedes any idea that you may concieve of! ~ Like a wise Grand Mother who knows the trials and tribulations that her grand kids will go through as they grow up, she is watchful of them and guides them with words of wisdom, deep love and compassion, yet lets them make mistakes as she knows that is how we learn! ~ Let the Deep Wisdom embedded with your Divine Dna and Eternal Tender Compassion shine through. Take a Deep breath, relax and let the Universe Guide you. Learn how to care more deeply for others and let go of judging. Learn how to feel on a deeper level! ~ Infinite Blessings!


A Human Being is composed not only as a biological physical being, however it is also composed of many subtle intricate energy grids, that transform, regulate, and provide the essential life force energy needed for your own personal existence itself! ~ This is strictly on a subtle energetic level within your Energy Bodies, “Energy Grid Meridian System” (Not the Physical Body) ~  Quantum Bio-Feedback Results may vary, depending upon your unique bio-rhythm, and individual energy meridian grid configuration.

Below is a Compilation of the Energetic Energy Grids that this Resonator may stimulate.  This is strictly on a subtle energetic level within your Energy Body’s, ‘Energy Grid Meridian System’ (Not The Physical Body)


~ SUPPORT FOR Release of, Mental Factors, job or school stress, sickness stress, allergy, karma, lack of awareness, interpersonal stress, dominating, desire for things to be different.
~ SUPPORT FOR Establishing homeostatsis after much dosing, stimulates portal circulation and lymph.
~ SUPPORT FOR malnutrition and weakness.
~ SUPPORT FOR Distrust of self, doubt one’s abilities, foolishness.
~ SUPPORT FOR irritable bladder, throat, and bronchi (lung).
~ SUPPORT FOR XENON | Nobel gas used in neon lights, can be somewhat toxic. mineral
~ SUPPORT FOR MUSCLE, LIGAMENT, CARTILAGE tissue rebuilding and detox.
~ SUPPORT FOR Neurotransmitter, Prostaglandin, all transmitters opioid type, acetylcholine, endorphins, GABA.

 Wise & Tender Compassion
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