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01.Den Violetta Flamman
02.Elegant Flöde av Välstånd
03.Ren Magi
04.Den Blå Trippelstjärnan
05.Inre Fridens Vita Ljus
06.Själens Styrka
07.Evig Kärleksgenerator
09.Den Uppvaknade
10.Beskydd från Källan

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The New Quantum Plasma Crystal Light Diode Vortex Technology Pendants
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Pure Majestic Mystical Crystal Magic Pendant

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 Pure Majestic Mystical Crystal Magic Pendant
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The Pure Majestic Mystical Crystal Magic Pendant captures the true essence of magical wonder… radiating the pure innocent, mystical, and majestic state of unlimited miracles that comes from the deepest divine loving spark of our own tender brilliant souls. ~ We have somehow forgotten this deep, tender, wise and magical part of ourselves! ~ Many of us have forgotten what real magic and wonder is like! ~ Wearing this pendant will start to bring out deep feelings of mystery, wonder, pure fascination and true innocent magic back into you life! ~ You simply have to allow it to be! ~ As you wear this pendant immediate changes will start to take place! ~ As deep spiraling waves of sparkling deep purple, warm violets, & mystical ultra violet radiant blue divine energies envelope your third eye energy center! ~ Creating a conscious remembering of dreamy magical states of existence! ~ That exists naturally within you! ~ You may start to recall…earlier childhood visions & experiences! ~ True Magic Is What We Truly Are! ~ We Simply Lost Sight Of This! ~ Now Is The True Divine Return! ~ To Magical Dreamy Innocence!

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 Pure Majestic Mystical Crystal Magic Pendant
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