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01.Pure Infinity Conscious ( Green )
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03.Golden Temple Of Joy
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Eternal Love Generator ( Pink )

SEK: 380:-
 Eternal Love Generator ( Pink )
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Eternal Love Generator ( Pink )


This resonator embodies the very essence of the pure love molecule, an independent battery or self rejuvenating and sustaining generator of the eternal love that binds all of the Universes, Dimensions and Life together. A Deep penetrating energy that crosses all boundaries and is familiar to all. Surrender all of your worries to the Holy Spirit and Act in Truth and Love which are one in the same, and you shall feel the hand of the supreme creator holding yours, through every step of your life. You have not been forsaken, the love of the universe is always with you. You are so important you have no idea! The universe could not exist without you!


A Human Being is composed not only as a biological physical being, however it is also composed of many subtle intricate energy grids, that transform, regulate, and provide the essential life force energy needed for your own personal existence itself! ~ This is strictly on a subtle energetic level within your Energy Bodies, “Energy Grid Meridian System” (Not the Physical Body) ~  Quantum Bio-Feedback Results may vary, depending upon your unique bio-rhythm, and individual energy meridian grid configuration.

Below is a Compilation of the Energetic Energy Grids that this Resonator may stimulate.  This is strictly on a subtle energetic level within your Energy Body’s, ‘Energy Grid Meridian System’ (Not The Physical Body)


~ AMAZING ability to get rid of chronic procrastination and activates motivation with you.
~ Helps letting go of rationality to have room for spontaneity, feelings and intuition, integration with the right brain.
~ Support with anti-aging effects.
~ Promotes and Inspires peace, compassion and christ consciousness.
~ Release old negativity resentment and anger, balances sexuality
~ Reduces spiritual fear of embarrassment
~ Support for emotional and pain control, social deficiencies.
~ Support for emotional disturbances hidden with fear and trauma
~ Support with sexually transmitted diseases ~ miasms,
~ Support with kidney function and protein metabolism.
~ Support with replenishing body fluids & kidney yin from excess sex.
~ Support with Nourishing stomach yin and moistens lung and for for friendship betrayal
~ Support for Problem with metal interfering with body energy.
~ Support for aphrodisiac (excites sexual desire), restores nerves beneficial operation.
~ Support for liver draining off and hepatic weakness
~ Support for Bad digestion, diarrhea, colitis, vomits, gases, lack of appetite, distended stomach.
~ Support to assist in blood (hemoglobin) cell repair, anemia.

 Eternal Love Generator ( Pink )
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SEK: 380:-
 Violet Ray
Violet Ray
SEK: 380:-
 Super Subconscious
Super Subconscious
SEK: 380:-
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