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Eternal Cosmic Love Generator – ( Heart & Mind ~ Blue Crystallin

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 Eternal Cosmic Love Generator – ( Heart & Mind ~ Blue Crystallin
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The Eternal Cosmic Love Generator – (Heart & Mind ~ Blue Crystalline Resonator) Pendant is very similar to the (Pink) version, yet this also contains masculine Heart and Mind Properties as well. A very Potent energy radiates from this immaculate pendant!
This pendant embodies the very essence of the pure love molecule, an independent battery or self rejuvenating and sustaining generator of the eternal love that binds all of the Universes, Dimensions and Life together. A deep penetrating energy that crosses all boundaries and is familiar to all. Surrender all of your worries to the holy Spirit and Act in Truth and Love which are one in the same, and you shall feel the hand of the supreme creator holding yours, through every step of your life. you have not been forsaken, the love of the universe is always with you. You are so important you have no idea! The universe could not exist without you.
Many Attempt To Purify Their Own Thoughts… With Very Little Success!
Instead! ( Purify Your Intentions! )
For Your Thoughts!? ~ Will Always Follow Your ( True Intentions! )
Your True Intent …. Is What Always Guides Your Thoughts…
So Always Be Aware Of Your Intent…
For This Is Your Greatest Navigation Tool! ~ That You Have In Your Life!
The Very Moment You Align Your Intention… With Pure 100% Self Honesty!? ~ Is The Very Moment That You Will Allow True Divine Spiritual Unconditional Love! ~ To Manifest Into Your Reality! ~ Divine Inner Strength! ~ Deep Inner Peace! ~ Immaculate Eternal Wisdom! & Beautiful Magical Everlasting Truth! ~ That Will Change Your Life Forever!
My Love Is Always With You! ~ You Are Pure Paradise! ~  Power Of Soul!

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 Eternal Cosmic Love Generator – ( Heart & Mind ~ Blue Crystallin
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