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01.Den Violetta Flamman
02.Elegant Flöde av Välstånd
03.Ren Magi
04.Den Blå Trippelstjärnan
05.Inre Fridens Vita Ljus
06.Själens Styrka
07.Evig Kärleksgenerator
09.Den Uppvaknade
10.Beskydd från Källan

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Clarity Pure Soul Cyclonic Crystal ( DNA Balancer ) – Souls Opul

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 Clarity Pure Soul Cyclonic Crystal ( DNA Balancer ) – Souls Opul
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The Clarity Pure Soul Cyclonic Crystal ( DNA Balancer ) – Souls Opulence Essence Pendant is truly beyond all time & space! ~ As it carries with it true divine will & divine harmonics to instantly integrate, purify, & tune your DNA & Unique Bio-rhythm,  as close to a state of perfect harmonic balance as possible! ~ Cleaning & polishing your soul! ~ As your whole being becomes an infinite harmonious operating perfectly balanced soul… of pure brilliant divine consciousness! ~ You will notice immediate changes to your whole entire existence! ~ Your entire being will resonate at its peak efficiency, clarity, inner balance, inner confidence, inner peace, inner serenity, true inner divinity! ~ You will start to vibrate at such high levels of clarity & truth! ~ That the old ways of living…. will simply be effortlessly shed… and dropped away… as though you no longer have an interest in, people, places, and things… that no longer serve your highest well being… and highest purpose in life! ~ Self judgements & Self criticism simply fade away! ~ Revealing & exposing the true divine blissful god consciousness that you truly are! ~ Inner Perfection is yours! ~ Suffering will be a faded memory … that no longer has any relevance in your new divine eternal existence! ~ Out with the old! ~ And In With The New! ~ The Never Ending Divine Blissful Newness! ~ That You Truly Are! ~ Pure Divine Love Is Always With You!

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 Clarity Pure Soul Cyclonic Crystal ( DNA Balancer ) – Souls Opul
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